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Online Marketing

Phone Call Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which phone calls came to your business as a result of your online advertising and which calls resulted from other types of advertising? With 8id Agency’s phone call tracking, it’s possible to track every single phone call that comes through your website as a result of the online ads we run on your behalf.

Phone call tracking is a great way to measure the success of your online advertising efforts and to evaluate your ROI in pay-per-click and micro-targeted display advertising. At the end of every month, we provide you with thorough reporting of your phone calls that includes the numbers who called you and other helpful analytics.

To track phone calls for you, we insert a line of code into your website that will unveil a special call tracking number every time someone visits your site by clicking on one of our online ads. When someone calls this tracking number, the call is recorded and detailed analytics of each call are reported to you.