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Online Marketing

Local Organic Search

A local search is when a search engine user adds a geo-modifier such as “Paris” to their search. For example, “Hair Salon Paris” is a local search. The huge value to be gained in adding geo-modifying is you suddenly are turning local people who are ready to do business into immediate new customers.

Local Citations

Another important factor that affects local organic search results is citations. Citations, AKA business listings or local listings, are when your business’ contact information—name, address, and phone number (NAP)—appears online. When these contact details consistently show up across several sites, search engines are more likely to place you higher in local search results. A bonus of citation-building is that these local listings can also be indexed and included in search results, giving you yet another opportunity to rank.

At 8id Agency, we ensure that your company citations across the web have the vital information to establish your business online, boost your local listings, and validate who you are, where you’re located, and how to reach you. Many factors play into having successful local organic listings, and it can be quite difficult as well as time-consuming to monitor all of them. 8id Agency can save you valuable time and offer you the best local search optimization available.