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Online Marketing


Micro-targeted display (MTD) advertising presents online consumers with ads that reflect their interests, improving their search experience and greatly increasing the likelihood that they will respond to your message. These strategic display ads appear across the web wherever your target audience is browsing online — everywhere from and to the London Times and Forbes.

Targeted Display Ads

First, 8id Agency finds your target audience by analyzing demographics, geographic location and lifestyle information to determine who is most likely to be looking for your products or services. Then we present relevant ads to this target audience, maximizing engagement with those ads. Our MTD technology gives us the ability to target your competitor’s customers, C-level executives, or your specific buyers’ job descriptions. By using datasets to micro-target specific audiences, delivers increased ROI and lower cost.

Retargeting Technology

Have you ever noticed that after looking at a certain website you’ll start to see ads for that site while browsing the internet? This is called retargeting. By tracking your web visitors, can effectively follow your “high-intent” customers after they leave your website. While your ideal customer is browsing other sites, we retarget them with ads to remind them about you. MTD coupled with retargeting is truly the most effective way to get seen online.

Optimizing Your Micro-Targeted Ads

8id Agency tests and tracks specific ads in specific positions on specific website pages. The number of possibilities is too large for any human to track, but a new algorithm running through the Google API provides the data needed to make programmatic changes to the campaign and optimize for conversions. Ad-to-page placements are controlled down to the URL level, increasing a given ad’s relevance by more closely fitting the ad to the content of the page. Algorithms bid in a live and dynamic process that allows for far greater control over bid pricing. This enables either suppression of cost-per-action (CPA) or if desired, incremental bid increases to gain conversion volume.